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All Ferrari Parts was founded in 1975 by Dennis McCann who bought truckloads of Ferrari parts from North American Ferrari distributor Luigi Chinetti and other Ferrari dealers worldwide. Dennis assembled an extraordinary inventory of new and used vintage Ferrari parts which he consistently sold at the most competitive prices in the industry. 

I purchased All Ferrari Parts from Dennis who retired in 2014. We retain the same phone number (614) 855-1103 and web site address that Dennis used and Dennis remains a valuable consultant to the company. 

I am a direct descendant of Windsor White, founder of the White Motor Company and also of James Brewster, founder of Brewster & Co. coachbuilders. I have enjoyed more than 30 years as a Ferrari collector, restorer and service facility operator as owner of World Cars Inc. in Cleveland Ohio. My first Ferrari was a 275GTS which I purchased in 1982. Subsequently, I have owned a wide variety of Ferrari models. My passion for Ferraris is accompanied by my passion for racing. I have competed in over 150 races in Formula Ford, Formula 2000 and a variety of vintage events. I was fortunate enough to be Champion of the 1982 Skip Barber Midwest Race Series. currently campaigns a 1974 Ferrari 308 GT4 and a 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint in vintage racing events across America. 

I am committed to providing Ferrari parts and spares worldwide at the most competitive prices in the industry with the most efficient service possible. Our Chief Operating Officer, my son Thomas Vail III, provides us with the tools necessary to constantly check to ensure that our prices are the lowest in the industry. We do not hoard parts; we sell them reasonably in order to keep these magnificent machines on the road. We have a passion for what we do and if we donít have the part you need, we will search for it worldwide. Please call me or our Parts Managers David Marder and Andy Broderick at (614) 855-1103 for all your Ferrari parts needs. Thank you!     


                                                                      Tom Vail