Searching for Parts:

Our online catalog can be searched in three ways. If if you know the Ferrari part number just type it in and the description of the part, its price and diagrams of all models it is used in will be displayed. If you don't know the part number, you can type in the part description such as “360 brake pads” and the part number, description and parts diagrams of all cars it is used in with the part circled in red will be displayed. If you want to see a list of all the parts for your car you can enter the model number such as “330” or “Dino” and all the parts for that model will be displayed. You can do a wider search with less information such as “filter” or narrow your search with more information such as “oil filter”. All parts in our inventory are new and Ferrari OEM unless noted in the description as (USED), (REBUILT), (REFINISHED) or (REPRO) for reproduction 

To Search by Original Ferrari Parts Suppliers:

If you do not know a Ferrari part number, you can search by the name of the original supplier of the part to Ferrari such as:

Altissimo, Ansa, Ansor, Arman, A.P., Ate, Bendix, BCD, BOM, Borg & Beck, Borgo, Borletti, Borrani, Bosch, Carello, Cavis, Ceam, Champion, Ducettier, Dunlop, Fim, Fichtel & Sachs, Fispa, Foredit, Fram, Girling, Hirschman, Koni, Lucas, Marchal, Marelli, Microtecncia, Momo, Michelin, Minus, Nardi, Neiman, OPM, Regina, Renold, RIV, Sachs, Savara, Serflex, SKF, Sipea, Smiths, Spal, Torrox, TRW, UFI, Unis, Valeo, Vandervell, Veglia, Vitaloni, Weber and ZF. 

Locating Parts by Keywords or Phrases: 

  • Use key words “column switch” to find column mounted headlamp and turn signal switches.
  • Use key word “data” to find all ridged aluminum and plastic data plates.
  • Use key word “decal” to find all vinyl, foil, water transfer and paper stickers and decals.
  • Use key words “distributor cap” “distributor condenser” “distributor points” or “distributor rotor” to find ignition parts.
  • Use key word “emblem” to find all nose badges, body builders’ badges, name plates, script name plates and wheel emblems.
  • Use key words “literature” or type the print number in part number space to find Ferrari factory literature.
  • Use key word “manual” to find chassis service, owners, parts, service time schedule, wiring and workshop manuals.
  • Use key words “pad set” to find brake pads.
  • Use key word “tool” to find work shop tools, tool kits, jack kits and all related parts.
  • Use key words “sending unit” to find speedometer, water temperature and level, oil temperature and pressure sending units.
  • Use key word “sensor” to find all flywheel pickups, phase sensors, air flow sensors and co2 sensors.
  • Use key words “water pump complete” to find all water pumps.
  • Use key words “wheel nut” to find knock off wheel nuts.
  • Use key word “wheel” to find road wheels and steering wheels.
  • Use key words “wire set” to find high tension ignition wires.

Flywheel pickups: Some flywheel pickups now come with a different cable connector than originally supplied on the car and may require modification. When ordering these parts refer to the SEN8 model number on the pickup base. 

Oil hoses: When ordering oil hoses refer to the part number stamped into the fitting base. 

Oil pressure sending units: Some original oil pressure sending units were fitted in the crankcase with threaded bushings which must be removed before installing the replacement part. Refer to the outside thread size of this bushing before ordering these parts.
Bosch and Marelli ignition and injection parts: When ordering Bosch and Marelli parts refer to the part number on your old part.
Interior leather vinyl and plastic trim: These can come in many different colors, please specify color when ordering these parts.
Body trim: In some cases, grills and moldings come in silver (clear) or black as original equipment please specify color when ordering these parts.