Ferrari Part 101248 Caliper Securing Bolt in Ferrari Testarossa (1990) (Mechanical Table 039 Brake Calipers)


Product Description

Ferrari part number 101248, CALIPER SECURING BOLT, shown here as used in a Ferrari Testarossa (1990) (Mechanical Table 039 Brake Calipers).

For other instances where this part is used, please click on the link in the table below:

Make and ModelDiagram and (Location in Diagram)
Ferrari 288 GTOTable 030 Brake Calipers (020)
Ferrari 412 (Mechanical)Table 041 Brake Calipers (020)
Ferrari Testarossa (1987)Table 038 Brake Calipers (022)
Ferrari Testarossa (1990)Table 039 Brake Calipers (022)