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Ferrari Part 115601 Distributor Cable-Reel in Ferrari 308 GTSi (1981) (Mechanical Table 037 Ignition Engine)

Ferrari part number 115601, DISTRIBUTOR CABLE-REEL, shown here as used in a Ferrari 308 GTSi (1981) (Mechanical Table 037 Ignition Engine).

For other instances where this part is used, please click on the link in the table below:

Make and ModelDiagram and (Location in Diagram)
Ferrari 308 GTBi (1981)Table 037 Ignition Engine (037)
Ferrari 308 GTSi (1981)Table 037 Ignition Engine (037)
Ferrari Mondial 3.0 QV (1984)Table 042 Ignition Engine, Quattrovalvole (037)
Ferrari Mondial 8 (1981)Table 038 Ignition Engine (037)