Ferrari Part 194853 Rigid Pipe From Control Unit To L.H. Intermediate Pipe in Maserati QTP. (2006) (Mechanical Table 420C Brake Lines (Page 3/4))

Product Description

Ferrari part number 194853, RIGID PIPE FROM CONTROL UNIT TO L.H. INTERMEDIATE PIPE, shown here as used in a Maserati QTP. (2006) (Mechanical Table 420C Brake Lines (Page 3/4)).

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Make and ModelDiagram and (Location in Diagram)
Maserati QTP. (2003)Table 420 Brake Lines (013)
Maserati QTP. (2005) 4.2Table 048 Brake Lines (06)
Maserati QTP. (2006)Table 420A Brake Lines (Page 1/4) (006)
Maserati QTP. (2006)Table 420C Brake Lines (Page 3/4) (006)
Maserati QTP. (2006) 4.2 F1Table 051 Brakes Rear (06)