Ferrari Part 980139523 Complete Striker in Maserati QTP. (2010) 4.2 (Bodywork Table 122 Glove Compartments)

Product Description

Ferrari part number 980139523, COMPLETE STRIKER, shown here as used in a Maserati QTP. (2010) 4.2 (Bodywork Table 122 Glove Compartments).

For other instances where this part is used, please click on the link in the table below:

Make and ModelDiagram and (Location in Diagram)
Maserati QTP. (2006)Table 952 Dashboard Instrument Panel Gloveboxs (027)
Maserati QTP. (2010) 4.2Table 122 Glove Compartments (025)
Maserati QTP. (2010) 4.7Table 125 Glove Compartments (025)